Helicopter Pilot Training

Professionalism and Safety

    Helicopters make up a whole different segment of the aviation industry. Learning to fly these capable, go-anywhere flying machines will open up opportunities in some of the most exciting aviation careers out there! Here are just some of the flying jobs you can do with your commercial rotorcraft certificate:

    • Air Ambulance
    • Aerial Fire Fighting
    • Off-shore Oil
    • Search and Rescue
    • Law Enforcement
    • Executive Transport
    • Sight-seeing

Start Learning Today!

    We have a partnership with Ingold Aviation here in Russellville, AR, to offer the very best helicopter pilot training. We can meet your training needs for initial Private Pilot or add-on ratings to include commercial pilot. Contact us today to schedule your discovery flight!

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Robinson R-44 Training Rates

The prices below reflect wet rental rates.

Robinson R-44 Per Hour $325
CFI-H Per Hour $50
Prices are subject to change. Check with Ingold aviation for updated rates.