Slip the surly bonds

Are you interested in flying but never been up in a light aircraft? A discovery flight is a great way to get your feet wet in aviation, makes for a memorable weekend, and/or a great gift for that aspiring aviator you know. I also recommend taking a introductory flight such as this if you are interested in starting any pilot training. However, consider this your warning: aviation is VERY ADDICTIVE! Side affects include but are not limited to: Frequent trips to the airport, uncontrollable need to look up at passing airplanes, and smiling at the smell of 100LL (aka high octain airplane fuel).

Q & A

Where will we go?

I prefer to stay within a 25 mile radius of the Russellville airport, see the map above.

What will it cost?

$150 for a one hour flight.

Can I bring anyone along?

Yes, you can bring one (two depending on total weight and time of year) friends or family along if you wish.

How do I schedule?

Please use the Contact Form and just say you want to schedule a sight seeing tour. I will work with your schedule to get it done as soon as possible.