CFI Training

We offer a limited number of CFI training classes every year. Our three-week course is geared towards pilots who have completed the FOI and FIA written exams and have at least 500 hours of total time. In addition, CFI applicants will complete an in-person interview and screening flight.

If accepted into our program, pilots will begin week one of the course, consisting of 40 hours of classroom instruction given by one of our very experienced instructors.

Week two includes up to 12 hours of flight instruction including spin and upset recovery training in a Super Decathlon. We expect applicants to be current and proficient before beginning our course so we can spend these flight hours honing their ability to teach and correct common errors of students.

Checkrides will be scheduled on the third week, as well as any final prep work required.

If you are interested in taking our CFI class, please contact us directly to learn our next starting date.