Professional training with the military trained aviator in mind!

My ATP course is designed for experienced pilots that need to complete their practical exam. It is intended to be completed in approximately 3 days, depending on WX and MX, at an approximate cost of $3,600.

The average professional pilot, will need 4 to 5 hours of instruction prior to their checkride. Training will be based out of Russellville, AR (KRUE) and all approaches will be done in the local area on two separate days with the ground eval and checkride on the third day. Flying partners are preferred since one of you would be able to observe in the backseat for extra 'free' instruction.

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Cost Breakdown

Hours Description Total
7 Total flight time at $350/hr $2,450
~8 Ground and Flight Instruction $500
- Cash DPE Fee $700

What to Expect

**24 July 2020 Update**

Day 1 and 2 Flight time: ~3 Hours

The first two days will consist of ground and flight training. The ground training will reinforce your self-study and help get you acquainted with flying General Aviation under FAR Part 91. Depending on what aircraft you're scheduled with, you will be completing the training and checkride in different locations. Our primary training airfields include KRUE, KORK, KCXW, and KHOT. All of these airports are located in the vicinity of Little Rock and our team will do it’s best to make the training as convenient as possible.

The training will prepare you for the ATP practical test and the profile will look similar to the one listed below:

Day 3 Flight time: ~2.0 Hours

What To Bring

  1. ATP Paperwork (link below)
  2. Photo ID
  3. Logbook/Flying History Report
  4. Medical/1042
  5. Test printout
  6. Commercial Pilot Certificate

What to Study

My recommendation would be to begin your studying downloading the ATP ACS and studying Area I "Preflight Preparation" Tasks A-G. This guide is what the DPE uses to give the oral exam. If you know the information in this guide as well as the basic understanding of the aircraft and it's systems, you will have no surprises the day of the practical. Since this program is completed under Part 91 of the FARs there will not be any questions over 121 and 135 operations. Just know the aircraft and basic Part 91 requirements and you will be good to go.

Additionally, the 'Travel Air Study Guide' link is a PDF that has most of the info you need to fly the aircraft.

**This course has very little ground instruction, so you are expected to self-study and be ready to fly. If you are not prepared, additional flying hours may be required which quickly adds to the overall cost.**

Advisory Circulars

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